Unique Combination of Tradition and its Variations Found in Bangkok Architecture
Attractions in Bangkok heritage fusion-style hotels...
Satisfy your eyes with traditional and Western-style fusion architectural culture in Thai!

I found great charm in some buildings that show European architectural influence in Thailand. Faced with unique and exclusively attractive mood of Bangkok heritage hotels, I fell in love and started to learn about its background.

It is very interesting that Thailand's architectural culture could have developed in various dimensions because it wasn't a forceful introduction of the European architectural style by colonization.

With its traditionally bold and luxurious display of color, relatively modern and neat style of European interior design makes buildings more adorable. Details of interior design items, such as white fences on the corridor, ceramic tiles you can see inside and out of the rooms and frames at the Buddha statue and windows, show its unique combination of Thailand's tradition and its radical challenges to make use of and develop it!

Finally, let me introduce you to one of the Bangkok's heritage hotel buildings, Siri Heritage Bangkok Hotel, where you can enjoy seeing, tasting, swimming and taking a break well as well! I enjoyed its clean and neat design of interior, delicious Thai food and swimming pool surrounded by the yellow, tall building walls.

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Unique Combination of Tradition and its Variations Found in Bangkok Architecture

Attractions in Bangkok heritage fusion-style hotels...

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