All Aboard ChangChui Plane Market
The ChangChui Plane Market is a creative space with upcycling installations, a cinema hall, stalls, performance spaces, and of course the big airplane that is the main attraction of this unique place.
Bangkok has plenty of markets from day to night, highlighting sales products from souvenirs, home appliances, antiques, clothes, street food, and plenty of other things. What I love about their markets is that each one has a unique theme.

The name ChangChui came from the word “so careless” to depict a space for laid-back people of the country. This space has gathered interests from around the world, even by Time Magazine which listed them as one of the World’s Greatest Places to visit. Of course, we had to go and see it for ourselves!

How to get there:

We were at Siam Paragon in the morning and from here we took the BTS Sky Train to Saphan Thaksin, before boarding the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Krung Thon Bridge (Sung Hi) pier. Once we arrived, we walked out from the station to look for busses (bus 515, 539) going to ChangChui Plane Market. However, it took awhile and we decided to take a Grab car instead.

The market is opened all week except for Wednesdays, and it starts from 4 pm onwards. According to my sister, it is more crowded on weekends as they have events, live performances lined up from 11 am til 11 pm. Since we came here on a weekday (evening), it was indeed less crowded and most of the cafes were not opened.

What to look out for in ChangChui Plane Market.

1. An actual airplane in the middle of the market.

The full-size retired L-011 TriStar airplane model is the main highlight of ChangChui. Although the airplane was closed during our visit, the bar underneath it features live performances on weekend. There was also a slide attached to the planes’ door which I hope will be open to the public one day.

The L-011 TriStar airplane sitting in the middle of ChangChui Plane Market.

2. Colorful walls in ChangChui Plane Market.

The market comes in the green zone, the market, and the cafe area. Graffiti walls such as this can be seen in hidden paths in ChangChui. Even the bathroom was covered in a spooky drawing of Halloween. A man had set-up a stool and started playing the saxophone inside which caught me by surprise. I guess inspiration does come from anywhere in this market.

Street art in ChangChui Plane Market.

The bathroom was not as spooky as it looks.

3. Play area for adults. 

This is exactly what it says on the signage; a play area for adults. At first glance, we thought it was a PG-rated fun house because of the mannequins and types of equipment which did not look like a child would play here. People came in to shoot arrows and tried other games for a chance to win. We watched as they tried to outdo each other competitively.

Have some fun at this play area. Who knows you might be able to win something home.

4. Admire the art installations. 

At each corner, we would see different art installations that were built in ChangChui Plane Market. With a 27,000 sqm space, these display gives a new meaning to larger-than-life from the moment walk into the market. Imagine patting the nose of a giant dog, or having a family of pink squids staring at you while roaming the market.

Catch these art installations around ChangChui Market.

A four-sided face installation at the entrance of ChangChui Market.

This definitely looks real but luckily it was not.

A neon light play skeleton lights up the evening in ChangChui.

5. Watch live performances on weekends.

Even though there were no live performances during our visit (except for the man who played music in the bathroom), we could imagine the crowd standing around this area, watching the local bands play. We’re also guessing that the sound from this open area could be heard around the market.

Live performance area for the crowd.

6. Sit in for a show at the cinema.

This was very strange indeed. Assuming that this building was an abandoned project, we took a few photos to capture the raw steel materials used. We only realized that it was a cinema hall when we took a closer peek. We’re not sure what show was playing that week but we were curious. Maybe we’ll be able to see what’s inside during our next visit.

Catch a show at the cinema.

7. Bring something home from the vendors.

There are plenty of shops for visitors to see and purchase for family or friends. The ChangChui Gallery sells clothing while the shop next to it sells cute souvenirs. We found a few more shops near the restaurants with unique window displays. We should have brought more spending money if we we knew there were shops here to explore!

A row of neat shops selling lifestyle items.

Have a look at this creative gallery in ChangChui Market.

Arts and crafts can be found in this shop.

8. Grab a bite at the cafes or restaurants in ChangChui Market.

There are plenty of places to eat in ChangChui Market, so you can never go hungry. Further inside are themed restaurants such as Insects in the Backyard (fine dining insects meal), and a motorcycle cafe which you can try. As most of the cafes were not opened, we ended up trying the melted cheese toast and Thai iced tea pre-dinner.

Would you dare to eat at this Insect restaurant?

Venue Details:
Location:  460/8 Sirindhorn Rd, Khwaeng Bang Phlat, Khet Bang Phlat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700, Bangkok, Thailand.
Visiting Hours: Thursday, Friday, Monday (4pm – 11pm), Saturday-Sunday (11am-11pm), Closed on Wednesdays
Entrance Fee: Free
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All Aboard ChangChui Plane Market

The ChangChui Plane Market is a creative space with upcycling installations, a cinema hall, stalls, performance spaces, and of course the big airplane that is the main attraction of this unique place.

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